Maastricht, The Netherlands
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Why Shake The Dust?

So, grab this world by its clothespins
And shake it out again and again
And jump on top and take it for a spin
And when you hop off shake it again


Shake the Dust is here to shift the narrative towards young people being seen as the change-makers they are.
Shake The Dust is here to blow new life into solutions for long-standing sexual and reproductive health and rights challenges. Shake The Dust is here to spark change for all, particularly young women and girls.

Shake The Dust aims to:

Provide fresh insights & creative solutions
I’m pumped to start tackling complex questions and challenges, by offering a fresh perspective along with a unique approach.”

Communicate bold & clear messages
Communication is key and Shake The Dust here for action! That’s why there will be no wordy PowerPoints, complex jargon and fluffy recommendations.”

Team up with inspiring partners
Shake The Dust is more than me, it’s a movement! That’s why I team up with the movers and the shakers. Shake the Dust is enriched by other people’s unique stories, experiences and perceptions.”