Providing fresh insights and offering unique solutions to improve meaningful youth engagement and catalyse progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights.


Shake The Dust offers an innovative and vibrant approach that brings together expertise and excellence on communications, advocacy and research.


Shake The Dust combines a unique outlook, thorough research and action-led recommendations.


Shake The Dust is here to work with you and mold your ideas into the innovative and engaging highlights you’re looking for.


Shake The Dust presents clear messages and approachable language… along with the occasional bold statement!

Hi there!

I’m Sanne. A young professional who’s fiercely passionate about human rights, social development, gender and health.
Shake The Dust is born from my ambition to shift perspectives, create unique solutions and hold engaging conversations.
I want to get the most out of young people’s talents and insights. I want to create a world where sexual and reproductive health and rights is more than than a term, where it means change for all.


Shake The Dust has previously worked with and for the following organizations and networks